SF Planning Commission Approves African-American Leader For First Equity Program Dispensary

History was made last night when the SF Planning Commission unanimously approved Shawn M Richard’s Haight Street Dispensary project.

Shawn, CEO of Cole Ashbury Group and a founding member of SF Equity Group (SFEG), is the first candidate under the SF Equity Program to be approved for a dispensary.  The SF Equity Program was designed to address the damage committed against communities of color through the War on Drugs.  SFEG is a grassroots organization formed to ensure the SF Equity program is working for all Equity Applicants and with the aim of rebuilding the communities damaged by the War on Drugs.

This historic ruling signals that there are paths to business ownership in the new cannabis economy for those who have been targeted by racist cannabis policies. The hope is that the SFEG model can serve as a model for other municipalities and that the Equity concept become tied to the national conversation on repeal of Cannabis Prohibition.

A post from SFEG marking the occasion can be read here and below. A video replay of the hearing can be viewed here (scroll to 4 hours and 26 mins).

Author: CBDHerb

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