CBD Margaritas Are The New Cosmos

If you love margaritas, then look no further than La Vida Verde’s CBD Margarita. On February 22, grab your closest friends and toast to this popular drinking holiday.

This stimulating cannabis cocktail includes La Vida Verde’s CBD-based Restore tincture; Cointreau and lime juice mixed with crushed ice and topped off with a lime wedge for the perfect taste.

La Vida Verde’s Restore (CBD 1:1) contains 300mg of CBD and 300 mg THC. The cannabis oil enhances the synergistic effects of CBD and THC and is infused with hints of orange, Roman chamomile, lavender, and grapefruit.

This CBD Margarita is made to unwind your mind on this beloved drinking holiday. The Restore (CBD 1:1) tincture is all about balance and can assist with pain relief, inflammation, and ones overall well being. This citrusy-sweet drink features powerful ingredients that will wow guests at your next fiesta.

Author: CBDHerb

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